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SRC Update
by Spalding Education - Thursday, August 27, 2020, 1:22 PM

Hello Spalding teacher,

As you begin your virtual school year, Spalding Education wants to offer some resources and support to implement The Writing Road to Reading program in an online environment.

Click here to access our website where you will find Online Learning Support.

This includes:

1.   Distance/Online Learning Suggestions

2.   Phonogram Introduction with Handwriting (Phonograms 1-70) videos. Grade-level paper is provided to download.

3.   Spalding Spelling Assessment List 1 (Pretest) video. Information and paper is provided for each grade level.

4.   Student Learning & Practice Materials – Discounted bundles of learning and practice materials by grade level. 


The Spalding Phonograms App can be a useful tool for students practicing the phonograms while distance learning.

For information about the app, click here:

For a Spalding Phonograms App Overview video to share with your parents, click here:


Fall online tutoring schedule is now available: 


Remember to utilize the Spalding Resource Center (SRC). It is packed full of new and updated resources which includes a library of 100s of videos, lessons, word analysis activities, materials, and resources that are available 24/7 in a secure, organized online learning environment. Click here to login: